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Support for and Cooperation with Social Contribution Organizations and the Like

Refugee Support Activities

Refugee Support Campaign (Meguro Store)
Refugee Support Campaign
(Meguro Store)
Since 2015, we have worked with the non-profit UNHCR Association, the official Japanese support liaison office of the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the UN refugee support organization) and cooperated in fundraising to support refugees.
We have cooperated in fundraising activities by organizing a total of 76 events between 2015 and 2020. (In the past 3 years, we held 21 events at 13 atré stores in 2018, 13 events at 10 atré stores in 2019, and 15 events at 10 atré stores in 2020.) We have received great favor from the visitors to those stores.

Clothing Support Activities

Clothing Support Activities (Kameido Store)
Clothing Support Activities
(Kameido Store)
Since 2016, we have cooperated with JRCC (Japan Relief Clothing Center, a non-profit organization) and asked our customers to bring their clothes that they no longer wear but are still wearable to their local atré stores. We keep those clothes to send to JRCC. JRCC separates, packs, and temporarily stores the clothing, and then ships it as donations in response to requests for support from abroad.
We have conducted clothing support activities by organizing a total of 36 events between 2016 and 2020. (In the past 3 years, we held 10 events at 7 atré stores in 2018, 10 events at 7 atré stores in 2019, and no events in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.) A lot of clothes and blankets were donated at these events. Through JRCC, those donations are sent to conflict areas, impoverished areas, and areas affected by natural disasters.

Activities which add value to the town, create prosperity, and solve social issues

Food Bank Activities

We have carried out activities to donate food items that have been removed from the shelves of atré stores, despite being before the best before date, to child welfare institutions and social welfare facilities since 2016.
Currently, we continuously conduct 11 activities. We shall continue our food bank activities with our motto of “contributing to society while leaving nothing left unused”.

atré Farm Project

We have reclaimed abandoned farmland in Tsuchiura-shi (a town with an atré store) and started a project called “atré Farm Project” in cooperation with JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) Tsuchiura for regional revitalization in March 2017. We utilize the abandoned farmland (Name: atré Farm) in collaboration with JA Tsuchiura, share information about the cultivation of agricultural products and food culture, and organize hands-on agricultural events, etc., to promote the undertaking of new challenges, cooperation with local areas, and the creation of new relationships.
*Atre Co.,Ltd. operates “PLAYatré Tsuchiura” in the Tsuchiura Station Building.

Promotion of regional revitalization through contributions, from our CSR perspectives

Establishment of a restoration plan for PLAYatré Tsuchiura (as a model case for restoring local station buildings)
  • Creation of a regional tourism base around Kasumigaura
  • Development of social contribution projects by utilizing abandoned farmlands and other resources
Establishment of a restoration plan for the Toride Store (as a model case of local station buildings)
  • Creation of a base for regional revitalization in cooperation with local universities, and investigation of providing support for town development through complex cooperation involving the government
Development of regional cooperation project centered around towns with atré stores
  • Cooperation between atré Urawa and Saitama University (joint editing of informational magazines and the like)
  • Cooperation of atré vie Mitaka and Kyorin University (regional revitalization in Mitaka)
  • Cooperative agreement for the purpose of establishing a continuous cooperative organization, aiming at regional revitalization, was concluded between atré Kichijoji, Seikei University, and Next Local Co,. Ltd.
  • Industry-academia collaboration of atré Meguro and Sugino Fashion College
  • Cooperation project with Tokyo University of the Arts
Relationships with atré stores and the local areas
  • In addition to having customers come to atré stores for shopping and eating, we shall continue increasing contact and interactions with towns through joint events with stations, at local festivals, and by participating in cleaning activities and local fire drills, providing places of work experience for primary and secondary school students, and other activities.

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