Great to have atré in town

We have a unique operation stance for creating the spirit of atre.

Our approach to business operation is like that a theatrical production, which brings out the originality and charms of each shop.

For instance, atré is the stage, the customers are the audience, and our shops are the actors. In contrast to the conventional management type approach to business operation, we use a method which has a general director, like that of a theatrical production. The developers proactively follow the latest marketing trends in order to bring out the originality and charm of the shops, and also bring out the charms of the entire shopping mall.

Sales promotion with an awareness of seasons


Carnivals At all atré stores, we hold carnivals in the summer and winter, with the theme of the four seasons, as a part of our annual activities.
The carnivals we hold at our stores are not merely for sales promotion; they also provide various events based around the concept of “having fun”.


JRE POINT Card Based on our experiences with atré club, our membership organization, we have also participated in the joint point service of the JR East Group since the launch of the service in 2016.
With our atré view SUICA card, which works like a credit card, we produce shopping environments that provide our customers with convenience and good bargains.
Please refer to the atré Point Service page for further details.

a+ (atrét)

a+ atrét provides events that connect customers with town (regions), in order to cultivate the future together.
At atrét, we don’t just hope that you will enjoy shopping; we also host exciting events where something fun or useful is waiting for you.
(*Some of the a+ atré events held at atré stores are introduced below.)

  • atré Meguro: A family event with a theme of dietary education: “learning about the importance of eating and having fun growing up”.
  • atré Kameido: Soraido Picnic provides a rooftop lawn square as a venue where visitors and the local residents can come together.

Inbound Tourism

We have aimed at improving our services for foreign tourists. For example, we started providing duty free services at shops which have a high demand of inbound tourism and work on maintaining environments that will allow customers to shop comfortably.

  • atré Free Wi-Fi provided at whole atré store building atré Free Wi-Fi provided at all atré stores.
  • Duty free data processing devices provided Duty free data processing devices provided.
  • Alipay/WeChat Pay for payments from Chinese tourists are accepted Alipay/WeChat Pay for payments from Chinese tourists are accepted.

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