Happy to work for atré

ES (Employee Satisfaction) of atré

We have made an ES proclamation to all our shop assistants so that we may improve their work satisfaction.

ES proclamation: Our goal is to make atré appreciated by our customers.
Therefore, we have made promises to our staff.

  • We will value their opinions.
  • We will continue working together toward the same goal, as partners.
  • We will provide them with great work environments.

ES policies

In addition to improving our facilities and organization, we have implemented policies to invigorate communication. For example, we organize parties and have monitoring sessions for our staff so that they will feel happy to work for atré.

Best of atré

Scene of atré CS AWARDSWe select our No.1 shop as the “Best of atré” based on performance indicators of the previous fiscal year of each atré store, such as sales, process evaluations (additional points applied according to the number of regional contributions, compliments from customers, etc.), and then we present an award to that shop.

Improvements in the environments of our staff areas

We renovate staff lounges (breakrooms), restrooms, and the like when necessary.

Environmental improvements
  • Staff Lounge 1
  • Staff Lounge 2

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