Compliance Management

We have promoted compliance management in order to fulfill our duties to society, to be deserving of trust from society and our customers.

Establishment of the Internal Control Committee

We have provide comprehensive promotion of internal control activities through investigation of countermeasures for establishing internal controls (an executive committee), policy decisions, (head office committee), and implementation (individual store committees).

In addition to establishing the Internal Control Committee (chairperson: President) in November 2005, we have set up an Internal Control Committee at each store (chairperson: Store Manager) and also a committee consisting of the Deputy Store Manager/Senior Manager (Deputy Director) as a subsidiary organization of the Internal Control Committee.

Promotion of in-house education on internal control

As a part of our establishment of a control environment, we have distributed “atré basic”, our original rule book (code of conduct), and “atré no kaze”, our information magazine on internal control, to promote in-house education for our staff on a monthly basis.
We also aim to enhance activities of the Internal Control Committee at each store by establishing a monthly focused action plan common to each store, and raise the awareness of our employees.

Steady operation of a risk and crisis management system

We shall continue intensive implementation and improvement of our risk and crisis management in order to achieve a corporate structure that is resistant to risks and crises.
We have worked on crisis avoidance and prevention, taking prompt and appropriate action in the event of a crisis.

Initiatives to enhance risk management

We have held compliance and information security training to enhance these areas, which are themes of our internal control strategy.

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