Environmental Management

We consider environmentally friendly business activities to be part of our important social responsibilities. Therefore, we always conduct business activities that take environmental impacts into consideration and promote environmental activities that contribute to society.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

As a commercial developer of diverse shopping malls that connect stations and towns, Atre Co.,Ltd. considers contributing to the protection and improvement of the global environment to be its social responsibility, and we work on the following initiatives on a company-wide basis.

  1. We accurately ascertain the environmental impact of the development and operation of our shopping mall business and set specific measures and goals.
  2. Through our business activities, we improve our awareness of environmental problems, minimize burdens on the environment, and improve environmental efficiency.
    • 1) Pursue efficient use of energy and resources
    • 2) Reduce CO2 emissions and introduce energy-efficient facilities
    • 3) Reduce waste and improve recycling rate
    • 4) Promote green purchases (purchase of eco-friendly products)
    • 5) Promote environmental measures that contribute to customers and society
    • 6) Maintain and develop environmental management system (EMS)
  3. We implement strict environmental measures in accordance with laws and regulations concerning environmental protection.
  4. We actively conduct training and awareness activities, such as seminars, to raise environmental awareness in the company.
  5. In order to become a trustworthy company, we widely communicate our environmental policy and other necessary information.
April 1, 2009 Atre Co.,Ltd.

Environmental Goals by FY2020

Items Environmental Goals
Efficient energy use Pursuit of efficient energy use Reduction of unit consumption of electricity, gas, etc. (year-over-year)
Reduced by 1%
*Unit consumption is energy consumption / (floor area x hours opens)
*The energy conversion factor was changed to one which is in accordance to the Act on the Rational Use of Energy
*In accordance to the Nature Conservation Law
3R Reduction of waste and improvement of recycling rate Recycling rate of general waste
Recycling rate of industrial waste
Improved environmental awareness Promotion of environmental measures that contribute to customers and society Aim for our environmental measures to be recognized by our customers and the local community
Environmental education and awareness activities Aim for all our employees to consistently work with an awareness of environmental protection and our environmental goals

For the Global Warming Countermeasure Report submitted to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, please see here.

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