Cookie Policy

1.What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file created on your terminal that is used when you visit a website, and which stores information transmitted by the website. When you visit the webpage for a second time and thereafter, the cookie will help to identify you. Thus, you will not be required to input the same information again, and can use that website more easily.

2.Our purpose of use of cookies
We will use cookies for the following purposes:
  1. Authentication
    We will use cookies for authentication, in order to retain your login status and smoothly provide our services. For example, if you move from one webpage to another within a ticket purchase site, re-authentication will not be required because cookies are being used for authentication.
  2. Retention of sessions
    We will use cookies to retain session information of the times when you have used a webpage. For example, your session ID is stored in a cookie so that you can be identified.
  3. Restriction on operations
    We will use cookies to restrict the operations that you can perform when you use a webpage. For example, cookies are used to prevent questionnaires from being answered twice.
  4. Survey and analysis, improvement of performance
    We will use cookies to analyze the situation of use of websites, and to improve the convenience of our services. For example, by measuring the number of visits and browsing time of a webpage, we can review and improve the content of the webpage, so that the information that we offer will more greatly attract your interest. We will understand the response time of each webpage, and identify webpages and functions that require improvement.
  5. Advertising
    We will use cookies to improve our products and services, as well as the accuracy of the advertisement display of campaigns. For example, we will distribute advertisements of products and services that attract your interest, based on the history of your search within websites that are stored in cookies.
3.Situation of our use of cookies
Our website uses cookies for the purposes of survey and analysis, improvement of performance, and advertising.
  1. The retention period of cookies for our purposes of use is as follows:
  2. - Up to two years in cases of survey and analysis, improvement of performance
  3. - Up to 90 days in cases of advertising
4.Scenario for using cookies and consent
  1. If you set the use of cookies to "On" in a popup screen while you are browsing a webpage, you will be deemed to have consented to the use of cookies while you are using our services.
5.How to disable cookies
You can change the settings related to the transmission and receipt of cookies at any time through the settings of your browser. As the setting procedures vary according to browsers, please check the support page for your browser. Support pages for major browsers are as follows:
  1. Internet Explorer:

  3. Firefox:

  5. Chrome:

  7. Safari:
Please understand in advance that if you select settings to reject all cookies, some functions may not work, you may be unable to receive services that require authentication, or you may be otherwise restricted in using various services on the Internet.
6.Changes to this Cookie Policy
Any provision of this Cookie Policy may be revised without prior notice, if necessary. Revisions to this Cookie Policy will be posted on the website.

March 10, 2020
Atre Co., Ltd.

President and Representative Director Toshiro ICHINOSE

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